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Top 5 Fruits Loved by Everyone

Top 5 Fruits Loved by Everyone

Fruits are part of the plant or tree which contain seeds in it. The fruits are formed from the ovary of the flowering plant. Most people define it as a fleshy part along with a seed from a plant or tree. At an early age, people use fruits as their major meal. At that time, when people did not know how to cook, they ate raw food. But after certain years people found fire as well as cooking ways. Then people started using fruits to add more flavours to it.

There are four main types of fruits. They are simple fruits, aggregate fruits, Multiple fruits, and accessory fruits. Simple fruits are found from the normal formation of fruits. It is found in the ovary of the flowering plant. Some simple fruits are apples, bananas, and mango. Aggregate fruits are from many ovaries that merge and separate into a single flower. They are strawberry, raspberry, blueberry and so on. Multiple fruits are from the bunch of flowers. It is also called collective fruits. Some fruits are pineapple and raspberry. Accessory fruits in which tissue plays a unique part than the ovary. The fruits like strawberries, and figs just to name a few.

Fruits are loaded with amazing facts, which can make us wow for it. Pomegranates can hold more seeds than other fruits. Most of the oranges are not orange. Do you know that tomatoes are fruits? Fruits are rich in many nutritional facts and the taste of every fruit with a very unique taste attracts people a lot.

Fruits Nutritional Facts

Fruits are one of the outstanding natural resources. It contains many vital nutrients in it. It consists of proteins, vitamins, minerals, fat, sugar, etc. Every important nutritional value can be found in every different kind of fruit. Some vitamin-rich fruits like lemon, orange, papaya, and grapes. Some protein-rich fruits like kiwi, pineapple, avocado, and banana. Sugar-rich fruits like mangoes, grapes, cherries, and watermelon.

As fruits contain many good deeds in them. It helps us to defend and protect ourselves from many complex diseases. And so, it is necessary to add fruits to our daily life meals as well as diet plans. By doing this we can gain a super prosperous life.

It helps to maintain blood pressure, and blood glucose level, prevent heart-based diseases, boost body energy and keeps the body active, increase blood circulation, maintains body weight, helps digestion and so on.

Fruits help us in many ways. But make sure to have appropriate fruit for your needs. Because it will help you to stay on the safer side. This is the reason why our ancestors led a very prosperous life.

Some fruits which people are so fond of are,

  • Apple
  • Banana
  • Tangerines
  • Water Melon
  • Strawberry



Apples are one of the most widely consumed fruits all over the world. It is found in the apple tree. This fruit is first found in Central Asia. It is rich in fibre, sugar, carbohydrates, vitamins, etc. It is highly recommended by doctors to have at least one apple per day. Even children love apples because of their taste. Apple is certainly sweet and tart. It can also be a combination of both. Apples are also available in different types. They are red apple, green apple, Honeycrisp, and fuji just to name a few.

Apples help in many factors. It is low in cholesterol so it can help you with weight balance, as well as diabetes. It is good for bone health. It is said that apples are good for heart-based diseases.

Apples also play a unique role in Newton’s theory. And in many mythological stories and great works.



Banana is an elongated fruit. It is one of the unique structures among all other fruits. The fruits are found in variable colours most commonly red, green, and yellow. The banana plant is considered to be and also tressured to be one of the precious plants because every single part of the banana plant is in use. Bananas are grown in many countries around the world. The banana plant was found more than ten thousand years ago. It is found in places like Indonesia, the Philippines and so on.

It is said that raw bananas will be bitter. And the ripened banana will be sweet. Children and people of different ages love to eat ripe bananas as well as cooked raw bananas in Asian countries. Bananas store much vital nutritional value in them.

It is rich in potassium, carbohydrates, fibre, vitamins, iron, etc. Bananas help to maintain a healthy heart, improve and make digestion easier, boost energy and make a person active. Many benefits are engraved in it. Because of its taste and its benefits many people love bananas.



Tangerines are citrus fruit. It is not perfectly round like orange. It is a bright orange colour which attracts people. This fruit is first found in America. The taste of this fruit is a little sour. Sometimes it also gives a unique taste like a mixed sweet and citrus taste. This fruit’s peel is so thin that it can be peeled off easily without any gadgets.

Tangerine helps to reduce weight mostly because of its citrus content. It looks forward to skincare and boosts both the brain and body. It is a good dental fruit. It also helps to boost the immunity of the body.

Water Melon

Water Melon

Watermelon is considered to be one of the juicy and sweet fruits. This fruit is highly found and irrigated massively around the world. Temperature plays an important role in watermelon cultivation. In the olden ages, watermelon was cultivated to kill the heavy hot temperature during summer. The people even store them. It is said that watermelons are found in India and then in China.

Watermelons are mostly sweet and juicy. It helps to keep the body hydrated, paves the path to weight loss, helps with the digestion process, is good for cardiovascular disease and so on. The richness in taste and juiciness acts as its unique feature.



Strawberries are widely used for many commercial purposes. It is well-known for its bright colour, unique taste and juiciness. It is used in the manufacture of jams, jellies, syrup, ice cream and so on. It is also used widely in cosmetic manufacturers like lip gloss and perfume. It is said that strawberries are found in the garden which is situated in Brittany.

It is rich in good aroma and it is most probably sweet in taste. It is said that strawberries are used for heart-based diseases, and it regulates blood sugar levels. It also plays a vital role in the weight of a person, which might be for the person who is suffering from type 2. It is great for the skin.

Some facts about strawberries are, that it is found in the ovaries of the rose plant. There are more vitamins in strawberries than in oranges. Have you ever wondered about the seeds in strawberries? Yes, you are right. The seeds are present on the outside of the fruit. It is the only fruit with this unique structure.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why are these fruits most likeable?

Because these fruits are common around the world with a pleasant taste in them.

2. Which age group people are fond of these fruits?

People from children to the elder age love these fruits. Despite its taste, it holds many miraculous benefits in them.

3. Are these only fruits loved by the people?

No, there are many fruits loved by many people around the world. Like mangoes, grapes, oranges, and so on.

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