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The Link Between Diet and Disease: How Your Food Choices Impact Your Health

The Link Between Diet and Disease: How Your Food Choices Impact Your Health

Food is one of the most essential factors for every living creature. It is considered to be a substance which is consumed by a living creature. Those foods get developed and screened to give nutrition to the body. Consuming food reflects good deeds like, prosperous health, wellness of the body, and so on. At an early age, man used to eat raw fruits, vegetables, and meat. Later he figured out the cooking method and style. This theory holds many definitions which are not accurate. Proper food must hold nutrients like minerals, vitamins, proteins, fats, and so on. Because these factors help in essential factors of the human body.

Diet is the proper scheduled plan for consuming food. A healthy diet plan is necessary to maintain our health. Nowadays people love to eat many foods which are nutrition less. They got addicted to its taste. But have you ever thought about the way our ancestors ate and led a prosperous life? They merely get sick. It is because of their proper diet plan. Which led them to gain more stamina and wellness. We can also control and have a proper diet plan. But this might vary according to a person’s circumstances or a person’s health.

Harmful Effects of Irregular Food Choice

The main aspect of having a diet plan is to maintain our health and to stay healthy as well as wealthy. It helps us to maintain proper nutrients in our bodies. And so, with the help of it, one can prevent many harmful effects. The basic and primary cause of enduring an awful time with disease and infection can begin with these irregularities.

People started to have a full meal of their favorite foods which are not so healthy. The foods people love to eat are bread, noodles, pastries, ice cream, processed foods, and so on. This might contain nutrients but those are not enough to lead a peaceful and joyful life.

The diet plan includes time management. Which is one of the most important factors. Because eating your food late might cause complex diseases like ulcers. Let’s think for a few minutes, have we ever had a proper meal at the proper time in our day?

We can not deny the fact that we are running towards our goals and desires. In such cases, diet helps us to stay active and healthy.

Some diseases are caused by Obesity, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Cancer, Tooth decay, High Blood Pressure, and so on.

1. Obesity

Obesity has become one of the most common problems nowadays. Obesity is caused by the deposition of too much fat in the body. Fat is necessary for our body. But consumption of over-fat might lead to heart problems and several complex diseases.

When fat keeps on getting deposited. It blocks the proper flow of energy, oxygen travels via blood. This is caused by improper consumption of calories in food and not doing any proper physical work.

2. Diabetes

Diabetes has two types. Which is caused by too much sugar in the blood. The types of diabetes are type 1 and type 2 diabetes. There are some symptoms of diabetes which are urinating often, getting hungry a lot, becoming thirsty, tiredness, and so on.

The increase in sugar can be caused by the foods we eat. Most of the processed foods are high in sugar content. This is detected as one of the causes of early diabetes among children. Certainly, sugar in blood helps with the unique activation of the body and boosts oneself. But over sugar can lead to diseases like diabetes. It can get severe if it is left untreated.

3. Heart Disease

Heart disease is also called cardiovascular disease. Heart disease can occur in several ways and it can be named as stroke, heart attack, cardiac arrest, heart failure, and so on. The heart is the most vital organ of every living organism.

Heart disease can be caused by several factors like obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, limited physical activities, smoking, and so on. If we figured out and screened out many factors. Most of the diseases are caused by the improper food consumed by the people. Those led to small diseases and they developed into complex diseases like heart diseases.

4. Cancer

Cancer also becomes one of the most complex and common diseases. It is caused because of the abnormal cell which gets invaded to the body. Because of such abnormal cells, the other healthy normal cells get damaged. Abnormal cells are getting developed rapidly either by killing the cells or invading the normal cells’ territory.

There are different types of cancer. Like lungs, liver, breasts, intestines, and so on. Unhealthy diet is one of the major causes of cancer. Because of this, the malnutrition factor wreaks havoc on the body. Even the immune system is not able to protect the human body.

5. Tooth Decay

Tooth Decay is caused by the bacteria and the food we eat. Mainly the foods like more sugary, and processed foods. The decay makes a hole in the teeth. If it is left untreated it can travel deep to the root of the teeth. Later it might attack or damage the nerves of the teeth.

When we eat, we chew food for proper digestion. It helps the process to be easier. But because of it, some food will get stuck in the teeth. To avoid such cases, proper brushing is necessary. One must brush twice a day. Our diet plan will also include proper eating and time management.

6. High Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure can often lead to hypertension. It is also called high blood pressure. It is caused when a huge force of blood passes. It causes damage to blood vessels, reduces blood flow in certain areas, heart diseases, and so on. It can be treated either by drugs or by mental treatment to stay in control.

But in this world, there are loads of causes for it. Even foods like Salted foods, Fried foods, and Fast food are more overly processed foods. Not only this but many food items are proven for the increase of blood pressure in the human body.

Prevention of Diseases with a Proper Diet Plan

The cause of disease can be reduced if a person follows a proper diet plan. Though there are different diet plans for different people. The basic diet plan holds proper consumption of food with nutrients with adequate capacity for digestion. Time management is upon the time to eat our meal with proper internal. Even drinking water is included in the diet plan.

A diet meal must be nutritious with loads of fruits, vegetables, cereals, pulses, seeds nuts, and so on.

And so, it results in the boosting of energy, prevention of complex diseases like cancer, and heart diseases, reduces the cause of common diseases, and helps the skin to glow, it most probably takes care of the overall wellness of the body both physically and mentally.

Though diet is necessary. Make sure to do some workouts or some physical work. This is the way one can prevent as well as protect them from diseases.

From this, it is understandable how much importance can be given to the diet plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can it be compared to food choice?

Everything started because of the food choices. This led us to a way of unhealthy food.

2. What are some different diet plans?

If a person is doing some workouts. He must eat loads of protein. If a person is a diabetic person, he must eat good sugarless foods and so on. This is how it is classified.

3. What are the basic diet foods?

You can eat fresh fruits and vegetables, seeds and nuts, pulses and fibers and so on.

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