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Tasty and Healthy Food Recipes for Your Boring Routine

Tasty and Healthy Food Recipes for Your Boring Routine

Nowadays, people are so sick of eating the same food regularly. The days pass away with morning breakfast such as idly, dosa, chapati, bread, cereals, etc. When it is time for lunch again, the same rice, sambar, dhal, a variety of rice, and meats, to name a few. And the same goes for dinner. We will either have roti, noodles, or whatever food we like or easy to cook because of the tiredness. This kind of food habit may be so dull to you. It is nutritious, but our tongue, stomach, and heart expect something more delicious and exciting. Here are some recipes that will not take your time or consume your time a lot, but they will also taste so good. The foods given below have an interesting pivotal point. That is, the food recipes have a rich nutritional content in them.

Our ancestors followed some of the recipes below, which will make us strong and stay healthy, just like how they led and lived their life.

Variety Dosa

It is one of the simple methods to have a delicious dosa. And so, it is the perfect time to say goodbye to the boring one.

The procedure is so simple. Take the rice flour which you will use for the regular dosa. You can either use tomato or any grains by soaking and grinding them. The process is the same.

Variety Dosa

For example, take 3-4 tomatoes. Grind it well in the grinder or mixer. Make sure to grind it entirely until it gets into a fine smooth structure.
Filter the mixture. Separate the juices from the remaining. Now, it is time to add them to the flour.

There is only one crucial process. That grinds the regular dosa flour a little thicker than the usual consistency. Now, add the fresh tomato juice to the flour. Add them slowly and little by little. Make sure it has the perfect consistency for making dosa. It is ready to reach out to the pan. Heat the pan and make it at medium temperature.

Pour your tomato dosa mixture into your pan. Spread the batter thoroughly and adequately as a circle. Add a little amount of oil. Here are two ways to make a perfect dosa,

Either close the pan with the lid. And do not flip the dosa afterward.

Or cook the dosa without the lid and flip the dosa and oil to the other side.

By following any one of these techniques, your dosa will be as perfect as serving in the hotel.

Here comes your simple, tasty, healthy tomato dosa. You can enjoy it with your favorite side dish. You can also use any other grains or vegetables in this method. Children will indeed be attracted by its appearance and addicted to its taste. It is a perfect way to make the children have a portion of healthy food.

Old and Golden Way of Using the Soaked Rice

It is considered one of the best ways to have soaked rice. It is suitable for your health. It helps to balance your body temperature. It is considered to be the best drink for the summertime. It might be a drink but it will fill your stomach with freshness. It consists of a handful of nutritional content with it. Our ancestors primarily consume it, and even nowadays, our mom or grandma will reach out to us with this when we are sick or tired of sweaty summers.

Old and Golden Way of Using the Soaked Rice

Take a cup of rice and soak it in water after washing it twice. Fill the cup with more water. So the rice can get soaked nicely. The soaking time depends on the variety of rice you use. Make sure to ask the shopkeeper for the correct time duration. Mostly, it will be around 45 minutes or 1 hour.

Cook the rice in a pressure cooker or pan after it gets cooked. Cool down the rice thoroughly and add them to the mixer or grinder. Grind the rice with water to it. Grind them until it gets into a smoothie consistency. Transfer them to a bowl. Add salt to it.

Your tasty dish is ready to serve your belly with refreshments. It will surely fill your stomach, and it is easily digestible. You can enjoy your drink with side dishes like onions, pickles, chips, mangoes, or chilies. It is totally up to your taste.

Simple Cake

When we hear the term cake, our mind automatically feels the process, and the ingredients will be harder to make. But here comes the easiest way to create and eventually bake a cake on your own; it is one of the most uncomplicated and budget-friendly methods to bake a cake yourself. All it requires is a packet of biscuits and milk.

Simple Cake

You can choose your favorite brand of biscuit and your favorite flavor of biscuit.

The first process is to divide the packet of biscuits into half and half equally. Remove cream from the first half of the biscuit.

Then add the removed cream and the other half of the biscuits to the blender. Make it into fine particles, probably to the powder form. Because of the other half biscuit, the powdered biscuits will have little moisture.

Transfer them to a bowl, then add milk to it gradually until it reaches a proper cake batter consistency. It must be a creamy and soft thick consistency. Make sure to mix it well and thoroughly. Add sugar to your batter.

Take a cake pan or a plate, or a mug. You can use butter paper or batter directly to the pan and thoroughly toss them with the flour. Now transfer the batter to your pan.

Bake the cake batter for 10-15 mins in the oven, or use a cooker by filling them with salt at the bottom, and avoid the whistle. Cook the batter in the range for 25-30 mins. Time varies according to your batter capacity.

You can also steam your cake. But be careful over the water droplets. It will also bake your cake and make it softer.

You can use the cream you removed to decorate the cake or add chocolates to a container and add the remaining cream. Now drop your pan above the cake. The chocolate will cover the cake nicely and comfortingly.

Here is your homemade cake. It is an essential and straightforward recipe to bake the cake independently. It will surely attract children and people of all ages.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What side dish will you suggest for the variety of dosa?

You can have a tasty tomato chutney or some gravy. It will be the best combo, like bread and jam.

2. Will the simple cake recipe need eggs in it?

No, the eggs or not necessary. The biscuits we had will have all the essential ingredients. We are changing their texture from biscuit to cake with little toppings.

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