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Most Amazing Ways to Make Notes and to Study Well

Most Amazing Ways to Make Notes and to Study Well

Here comes the philosophical talk. Because studying becomes one of the most important jobs in life. To be one hundred percent correct, it is studying so hard. Both smart work and hard work play a vital role in it.

But there are certain tips which help us to do our work at ease. Everything requires a keen interest to make it pleasant and admirable.

Like most of the wise person’s words, the knowledge we gain is not only in the book we read. It is outside beyond the book. This is a fact that is hardly said by William Wordsworth, a well-known nature poet as well as a writer.

Still, the tips are to help you with how you study, and remember the theories, formulae, and so on.

Studying with full interest not only gains you knowledge but also makes you mindful of freshness and acts as a great companion.

The top three best ways to write notes for the subjects are, proper note-making, using highlighters or highlights, and writing the key points.

These are the top essential ways to have a perfect note for the topic. It helps to recall the topic, key points, and important words.


Note-making, itself is one of the practices in every literature. There are certain ways from that the most common ways are,

The notes are joined together with a “- “. We all know that there are eight parts of speech in English, noun, adjective, verb, adverb, preposition, conjunction, interjection, and pronoun. In this way of note-making, the preposition, conjunction, interjection, and pronoun, will be removed instead of the ‘-‘is used. In this way, we can cover all the important words, and important lines quickly and efficiently.

The next way is to have a note in a very simple way of sentence. It will be divided into topics along with sub-topics. The sub-topics hold many points which are listed in bullets. You can simply use the SVO pattern or else the SVOA pattern to write the notes.

Make sure not to repeat the same words or sentences twice or more. So that, we can cover all the necessary points on a page. Write neatly like, even a glance can capture the important points of it. The topic and subtopic must be suitable and appropriate.

From these ways, we can make proper note-making.

Highlighters and Highlighting

We can not simply conclude that highlighting is one way. Because highlighting notes can be done in different ways.

Like, some people use different colors for different forms of words. Simply if a paragraph consists of loads of information, some about its history and some theoretical words, some benefits, some facts. Those points are highly necessary to have a wonderful presentation in the examination. So, by using different colors we can able to identify which part of the paragraph is important and what that particular point defines.

The next way is to simply underline or encircle the important words and lines. This is one of the most common habits of every person. Some people do not love to have their books full of colors. So, they use black, and blue pens and also pencil to mark down the points. In this way, the book or note looks so elegant.

Some people used to have some little markings like drawing a heart, star, important symbol, moon, bullet point, and some other symbols to mention them as important lines or words.

People have their unique ways of making notes. But these are the best of all other ways.

Side Notes

The next way is to have a side note. This way has a partnership with the previous way because some people use both and figured out it is effective. You can have props like sticky notes so that you can very well know from which place the line is located and what is the connection between or among the words.

Despite sticky notes which are available in different sizes. You can also use the blank spaces on the side of the book’s page. So, the important and extra information can be present on the same page. The side notes can be in a simple way or detailed based on the user.

It is a fun fact that every person has a different way of maintaining their notes. Some want it to be colorful, some other people love a simple and neat look, some love side notes and some do not.

You can also write notes while the staff is taking the class. This is the most important use for making notes. In this way, the information can be written down as fast as it can be with perfect points. Most of the teachers love to give extra information and that is the perfect time to write notes.

To Study

Have you ever thought about why certain children and students find it difficult to learn even though they have the capability? It is all about the way of concentration and studying. Here are some great ways which help you have a great memory.

Some people require a different time zone which means they need a certain time to read and memorise the terms and words. Despite the other passages and meanings which we can certainly write on our own, theories, formulae, terms, and definitions need to be perfect in words. There should not be any single mistake because it is a defined and proven theory. After reading the passage or the material. You must take some breaks and try to refresh your mind by having some snacks and drinking water or fresh juices. Get back to reading, and revise the passage or sentence you read with your eyes closed. Try to imagine the page you read in your mind.

Have you ever come up with the phrase that writing is better than reading? Many people have said and it is proven that writing a passage as a test or by copying it with full focus will help you to memorize it as fast as it can be. It is said that writing is fifteen times better than reading. So, the words and terms will be deeply engraved in the mind as much as you write them. Have you ever thought you would learn to write while reading the alphabet? It is because writing the words will help you loads. When children pronounce the alphabet along with the pronunciation it is like a wholesome result.

Self-evaluation: “No one can acknowledge your effort better than you” Like the same, you are the only one to acknowledge your mistakes. After reading the passage or anything that you want, record the audio of it. Play the audio twice or thrice. Record the audio twice or thrice until you are satisfied. It not only helps with memorization but also with pronunciation skills. Mirror practice is also the best way to watch your body language, eye contact, and pronunciation skills, moreover, all the basics can be judged and corrected by yourself.

These are the ways; these studying tips and note-making tips will surely help you have a proper and efficient way of studying and being. All you have to do is to work both harder and smarter.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are there any other tips for the physical effort to support the study?

It is simple. That you must eat healthy and stay healthy.

2. What is important while studying?

Make sure to have breaks. Because it is human nature one person can’t stay too focused for a very long time. Breaks will refresh you and help you to learn more.

3. How to deal with distraction?

You can reach our website which gives detailed info about how to deal with distraction.

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