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Healthy Foods that Makes Your Taste Better

Healthy Foods that Makes Your Taste Better

I have a love-hate relationship with healthy food. I always feel like it tastes terrible, but then I read about how good it is for you, and I want to make better choices. We all know that healthy food is the way to go. But sometimes it’s hard to eat right, especially when you’re not feeling well or are too busy with work and family commitments. Here are some of my favorite foods that taste amazing and healthy at the same time! You’ll be surprised at how easy these recipes are!

Healthy Fruit salad

Just chop up all the fruit you want to eat, add a few tablespoons of yogurt, and blend it. You can alter this recipe by using any fruits that you love. I usually do something simple with bananas, strawberries, mangoes, and pineapples because my kids love them too! Strawberries are a great source of vitamin C, and mangoes are full of beta carotene, and Vitamin A. Bananas have potassium and fiber that help you feel fuller for longer. Top it off with a nice dollop of Greek yogurt – one of my favorite breakfasts!

Nutritious OATMEAL

It is one of my favorite breakfast ideas. I try to make it once a week on Sunday night and then eat it throughout the week for breakfast! Add some fruit, some nuts, maybe some cinnamon, and if you’re feeling fancy, add a spoonful of peanut butter! It’s so easy but tastes delicious.

Oatmeal is great because it’s high in fiber which helps with digestion and also lowers cholesterol levels. This breakfast staple is low in fat and has no added sugars. Plus, it fills you up so you can go about your day without feeling hungry!

A Bowl of PASTA

No one can resist a big bowl of pasta, even if they’re trying to lose weight! When I say healthful pasta, I’m not talking about any of those complicated low-carb recipes. All you need is some whole wheat spaghetti noodles, an avocado, and whatever spices you have on hand. You can use any sauce that you like or saute the noodles in a bit of olive oil with garlic powder and onions!

Avocado has tons of fiber and healthy fats that keep you feeling full for longer, which means no more snacking at 3 pm! It also contains an anti-inflammatory nutrient called glutathione which may help protect against certain cancers such as skin cancer.


Who doesn’t love a nice refreshing smoothie? This one is my go-to breakfast. It’s straightforward to make and tastes great. All you need is some 1/2 cup of yogurt (I like strawberry), half an orange, four strawberries, and a handful of spinach. Add all the ingredients into your blender or Vitamix and blend until smooth!

This smoothie is pack with vitamins C and K, which help keep your bones strong. Oranges are high in fiber which means you’ll get that satisfying feeling after drinking it! Spinach has lots of phytonutrients that help protect against chronic diseases such as cancer. So drink up!


I’ve noticed that many people like to make their baked fries crispy, and I don’t blame them because they’re so delicious. The secret to making them extra crisp is adding some cornstarch or potato starch to your recipe! Just toss the sliced potatoes in a mixture of oil, salt, and starch and roast them. They come out just as good as fried potatoes but without all the excess fat and calories!

Potatoes are high in vitamin C, which helps you absorb iron from other foods. They also contain fiber that keeps your digestive system working usually! Without it, you can lose weight faster than usual because your body won’t absorb specific vitamins and minerals properly, which means your cells won’t get what they need to function.


When I’m craving something sweet, this recipe is my go-to. Instead of using sugar like most chocolate pudding recipes call for, I use unsweetened cocoa powder and some maple syrup (or honey if you prefer). Just blend the ingredients, pour them into dessert cups, and let them chill.

Chocolate has tons of antioxidants that help prevent diseases such as cancer! It also contains magnesium which is good for your heart health. The fiber in the cocoa helps with digestion, so you won’t feel hungry after having a serving or two!

So there’s my list of healthy food recipes to eat for breakfast. Try one each day, so you don’t get bored with your meals. Remember to check your doctor before making any significant changes to your diet!

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