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From Farm to Table: The Importance of Organic Food and Its Impact on Health

From Farm to Table: The Importance of Organic Food and Its Impact on Health

Agriculture is the backbone of the country. Because every important aspect of our life comes under this factor. Nowadays the world is developing a lot and so we use very unique, technical and advanced equipment for farming.

But I ought to know the disadvantages of it. A very precious remedy is organic farming. Organic farming is simply to follow the natural and our elderly procedure for farming. In this way, we can attain very rich quality food as well as the environment.

This farming is also called biological farming. In simple words, when fertilizers, and pesticides are made up of natural components, such a way of farming is called organic farming.

But it is also necessary to know normal farming which is in vast progress nowadays. Farming is the cultivation of plants and crops. This requires keen observation and manpower. This holds different types of farming, cultivation methods, harvesting processes, marketing, and so on.

Farming is also considered to be the best job in the world. Because it saves many people’s basic needs. The land which is suited for cultivation is either rented or given for lease to cultivate. This cultivation also notes the climatic factors for a better harvest.

From this, we derive organic and inorganic farming. And the indeed benefits, impact, wellness, and advantages of organic farming.

Importance of Organic Farming

Organic farming is like a wonderful gift for the land, people as well as the environment. As it covers the most pivotal factors of human life. It resembles a magnificent method to cherish.

Importance on land:

Using the organic farming method helps to protect as well as enrich the land. The manures are like cow dung. It is also known as fertilizer. Which is made of organic matter. Those manures are rich in nutrients. Some examples of organic manure are animal waste, compostable food, organic food waste, plant waste like vegetables and fruits, and any other organic matter.

This way of organic farming helps the soil to stay healthy and at a great level of sustainability. It helps to enrich soil fertility, decreases soil erosion, and boosts up surface water or groundwater.

It is observed that soil structure and wellness are getting wasted and destroyed because of the overuse of chemical products on land. It paves the path to droughts, uncultivable lands, and wastelands.

If we use chemical-based pesticides or manures, it will have many harmful effects on land. So, it is well better to stick together with the organic farming method.

Importance to humans:

With the help of organic farming, a person’s life can be boosted up to the core. It is loaded up with good deeds in it by using organic manures and pesticides.

By using chemical-based manures and pesticides one can get affected by diseases and by any kind of harmful effects. It can affect the body both in and out. It can lead to skin diseases or microorganism-based diseases. To the physical body, it might cause lung diseases, and consumption of that food can lead to many complex diseases like cancer.

So, organic farming is considered to be the essential remedy for it. With the help of it. We can observe that there are no side effects for both lands as well as humans and also for plants. By eating organic farming products. It is proven that a person can gain many nutrients like vitamins, minerals, proteins, and so on.

Food Quality

The plant is also a living organism. To say, by using an organic method of farming, the plant gets glowed up with many good aspects. The richness in nutrients of the plant gets developed and enriched. It results in the goodness of the cultivated products.

Those fruits, vegetables, or any food products are rich in its quality. Both by taste and nutritional facts.

The fewer the pesticides are, the greater the richness will be.

Certainly, some methods are not completely chemical-free. They are found less in number. The fewer the pesticides, the lesser the harmful impacts.

As the foods are organic, the time of those products will be less than the chemicalized products. So, make sure to have fresh components to freshen up your body with goodness.

Types of Organic Farming

Most certainly there are two types of organic farming. And they are pure organic farming and integrated organic farming.

Pure organic farming is defined as products like pesticides and manure that are so purely from natural substances without any combination of chemicals.

Integrated organic farming is basically in cyclic motion. It includes both crops and animal cultivation in it. Through this type of farming, the most hazardous impacts like malnutrition can be treated.

Both methods play a vital role in the development, and richness of the environment, society as well as people.

In India, Sikkim is stated to be the only state which is performing organic farming in all aspects.

Impact of Organic Farming on Health

These are some reasons why people should eat organic food from the process of organic farming,

Organic foods are rich in nutrients. The bond of nature is engraved in it without any disturbances. This results in the good health of human beings.

There are certain cases of heart-based diseases that occur due to improper diet or unhealthy foods. With the help of organic food, one can bring health and a healthy diet back to his or her life.

The foods are rich in antioxidants and antibodies. So this boosts up the body and builds a wonderful shield against foreign bodies.

When the antioxidants and antibodies take a huge role. This helps to build our immune system so strongly. Because of such cases, the chemicals are reduced. And so, the impact of cancer can also be reduced.

Society and Environment

To the society and environment, it is indeed a good deal. Think about pollution less, natural calamities less, and so on.

With the help of this nature will be greenery with wonderful scenery. The soil will be strong and the disasters will be reduced. It maintains the factors at the most sustainable level.

Even the cost can be put under control by using this simple way.

To make it short, it is cost-effective, a good source for both land and humans, paves a healthy path, simple and effective, and is a good source of income just to name a few.

It is also said that the taste of the food is so clean and elegant. Through this process of farming, the richness of the taste remains the same. Not only the taste but also the nutrients.

We can imagine very fresh, peaceful, blissful things when we are looking at greeneries with wonderful scenery. Just like that, organic farming holds many things under nature’s control. Imagine fear less, well healthy food we have. Even nowadays, many raw materials for commercial purposes are under farming. So, every product will be rich in good sources.

There will be fewer side effects from this type of farming. Have you ever wondered about having a peaceful and at the same time pleasant life? Of course, everyone would have. But with the help of this farming will be the best present of such thoughts.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is organic farming in use nowadays?

Yes, in certain places many people cultivate their land using organic farming methods and procedures.

2. Are people aware of it?

Despite the early days, people are well aware of this farming.

3. Are there any benefits of organic farming to earn money?

People nowadays are well aware of it. There is a huge demand for it.

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