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Does Laser Treatment Remove 100% Unwanted Hair?

Does Laser Treatment Remove 100% Unwanted Hair?

Laser hair removal has been so popular today for being a convenient procedure. Also, its results last long. It means that you can get rid of unwanted hair for years upon doing it. The very first thing that hooks most of us is it is a non-invasive procedure. It offers an effective alternative to typical methods, such as waxing, shaving, and plucking, that have been used for removing unwanted hair.

This article answers a very interesting question – Does laser 100% remove unwanted hair? Here, you will find how efficient this cosmetic procedure is in this.

Let’s get started to find it out here.

1. Laser Hair Removal Efficacy

Laser hair removal is an effective aesthetic science that reduces the growth of unwanted hair. However, it is essential to understand that there is no guarantee of achieving 100% hair-free skin for everyone.

Pay attention to the fact that not “Everyone” is able to get a 100% hair-free body. This is simply because the efficacy of laser varies from person to person. Many factors, including skin type, hair colour, and hormonal imbalances have their own roles. Let’s understand their roles below:

2. Skin Type

Clinically certified skin specialists understand the significance of the Fitzpatrick scale. It helps in categorizing skin types from I (pale) to VI (dark). If you ask which skin tone or hair is ideal for this laser procedure, these are lighter-skinned individuals with dark hair. Such individuals tend to respond best to laser treatment for hair removal.

This kind of contrast between the hair and skin makes it much easier for the laser machine or device to detect hair follicles for damage. Those who are darker-skinned may require specialized lasers so that the surrounding skin won’t get damaged.

3. Hair Colour

The tint of the hair is also vital, especially when it comes to the laser treatment. It targets the melanin (which is pigment) in the hair follicle. This is the ingredient that provides colour to your strands. Because of this darker shade of hair, this treatment provides better results. And believe, these results are far better than those with lighter or gray hair. For blondes, it’s not an ideal choice. This is why light-coloured or white hair may not get the same results.

4. Hormonal Factors

There are some invisible problems associated with hormonal imbalances, such as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). This condition can trigger the growth of unwanted hair. Such patients can see hair on or around their chin, cheeks, and neck. Such hair growth in unusual areas of girls may require additional sessions or maintenance treatments.

5. Hair Thickness and Density

We have already shared about the colour of the hair, and how it impacts this treatment. Now comes the thickness of your strands, as well as how many sessions you require for desirable results. Thicker and denser strands removal may need more sessions than finer hair to achieve the desired results.

6. Treatment Consistency

Those who have thinner dark hair with low density may not be able to get rid of them completely. The reason is the inconsistency of treatment. The medical practitioner recommends sessions in accordance with your desire and hair condition. If you fail to follow the recommended treatment schedule, the results may not be optimal. Visiting for treatment on and off makes its outcomes less effective.

In essence, it is a safe play to say that laser hair removal may not be 100% effective. But yes, it can significantly reduce the growth cycle & density of your hair. It allows you to have a smoother and hair-free surface for a long period.

Safety Makes this Treatment Popular – Reasons for Its Popularity

The steady rise in the demand for this non-invasive treatment has been registered over the years. Maybe, it’s the convenience, a few times’ effort, & effectiveness of this procedure that attract many people who want to look good, radiant, and confident in their smooth and hair-free skin.

In 2020, nearly 676,000 unwanted hair removal cases were registered in the United States as per ASPS data. This is a massive digit that clearly demonstrates how appealing and popular this treatment is.

Besides, this is one of the top 5 non-invasive cosmetic treatments, sharing the popularity with Botox, dermal fillers, chemical peels, and microdermabrasion.

Not only this, its demand has been consistently going up over the years, with a 41% increase in procedures since 2000.

The statistics of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) state that laser hair removal ranked as the 4th most popular non-surgical procedure globally, with over 3.7 million procedures performed in 2019.

What’s the Reason for its Consistent Rise?

Several factors are there that push its demand up. Let’s catch up with the main ones:

1. Long-Lasting Results

People seek fast and long-lasting results. Otherwise, traditional methods are way more inexpensive than cosmetic procedures. Being effective for a long time, laser hair removal by a certified doctor reduces the requirement for maintenance over and over in a few days. This infrequent maintenance reduces the overall cost of this procedure. So, it’s popular for this very reason.

2. Convenience

Consumers appreciate the convenience of laser hair removal. First, it is done on the numb skin with extra care and precautions by a certified doctor. So, this is a painless experience. Second, it eliminates the need for daily shaving or monthly waxing appointments. Simply put, it’s way easier and more convenient to get rid of hair through a certified doctor.

Improved Technology

Over the years, laser technology is getting better and better. This betterment has made the procedure safer and more effective, appealing to a broader audience.

Social and Aesthetic Influences

Like any fashion or beauty trend, a hair-free look is in. So, it’s obvious that more and more people will desire for smooth, hair-free skin. Interestingly, social media has made it easy to access this cosmetic beauty trend. Moreover, people who come up with associated burning questions often receive satisfactory results, which drives individuals to seek laser hair removal.


Laser hair removal is extremely effective. This method for reducing unwanted hair is interesting & safe, but it may not guarantee 100% hair removal for all individuals. The outcome depends on various factors, including skin type, hair colour, and hormonal influences. Apart from that, the procedure’s convenience and long-lasting results have led to a substantial increase in market demand.

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