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An Easy KOREAN Snack – Nurungji

An Easy KOREAN Snack – Nurungji

Nurungji is a simple snack in Korea that many people there love. It is said to be scorched rice. In recent days K-drama and K-pop have made a huge path of success all over the world. And so, people worldwide have started to develop a keen interest towards Korean culture. Nurungji is one of the traditional Korean foods. You can also define it as crunchy rice. It is a thin layer of rice coated with caramelized sugar. It is also one of the easiest snack recipes that all K-lovers can make a feast out of. This Korean snack also went viral worldwide because it is one of the tastiest and simple snacks everyone can offer. This viral sensation started because BTS member V cooked this snack with his mom’s recipe. So, you can also have a Korean snack on your own by following the recipe given below.

Potential Benefits of Nurungji

  • Easy Digestive Food
  • Wholesome Carbohydrates
  • Boosts our body

Rice is the basic component as well as an ingredient of this snack. It can be a good healthy snack to spark our diet plan. Rice in it consists of a rich source of carbohydrates, so the body reflects in huge activation. This is why many Asian countries have basic food such as rice. They not only use white rice. There are many varieties like red rice, black rice, brown rice and so on. It also consists of sugar. You can also use brown sugar to make your snack more colourful and healthier.

Ingredients we need:

  • ½ cup of cooked rice (for 4 pieces)
  • Sugar or powdered sugar or brown sugar
  • Oil

You can also use different kinds of rice. But the taste is according to your preference. Mostly in Kores, they use white rice to it. So, this snack can have a perfect calming and simple and neat taste with a fine coating of sugar; for some taste-enhancing tips, use a pinch of salt. It will help your snack have a unique taste and balanced sweetness.

Step by Step Instruction:

Step 1: Place a pan on the stove

Step 2: Take 2 tbsp of cooked rice and spread it on the stove

Step 3: Use a spoon or cup to smash the rice partially

Step 4: Add a few drops of oil

Step 5: Sprinkle some sugar on top of the rice

Step 6: Add brown sugar if you want it in a more golden shade

Step 7: After 2 mins, when it gets crisped a little, flip the rice

Step 8: Sprinkle sugar on it

Step 9: Add some oil on the opposite side

Step 10: Continue to make a flip more every 3 mins

Bring down the crispy Nurungji to your plate after it gets into a proper structure. You can also use decorative toppings like Choco syrup or maple, White Choco, honey, butter, or cinnamon powder. Your tasty and crispy Korean snack is ready to serve your plate and to highlight your social media posts.

Nutrition Fact

  • Carbohydrates
  • Protein
  • Fibre
  • Iron
  • Calcium

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What kind of sugar should I use?

You can add any sugar to it. But brown sugar is preferable because it gives us a good golden colour and sweetness. It is also a good natural source of sugar.

2. What kind of pan should I use?

You can use any pan. But a non-stick pan is preferable to flip the Nurungji properly.

3. What kind of rice should I use?

You can use any rice. It is according to your taste and diet plan.

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