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10 Cities With the Best Street Food in the World

10 Cities With the Best Street Food in the World

There’s no better way to learn about a country’s food than stopping by a food stand and enjoying a home-cooked meal; street food is the real fuel of the people. Here is a rating of the top 10 street-food cities in the globe. To visit those places, one must book their flight tickets as soon as possible through FaresMatch for the best flight deals. The main cities with the best street food were vying for the top spot; continue reading to see if the city that offers tacos, dumplings, or grilled cow udders is the epicenter of street food.

Top 10 cities in the World with the best street food

1. Singapore


While eating street food is always risky, Singapore ranks first partly because it provides some of the safest, inexpensive meals globally, with street sellers housed in government-mandated hawker centers. Some claim that chili crab is the national cuisine, while others refer to Hainanese chicken rice. Regardless, arguing with a huge garlic tiger prawn in your mouth is difficult.

But Singapore is the World’s greatest street food city because of its enormous variety, inventiveness, and range of cuisines, as well as the fact that you can eat all of this with somewhat hygienic confidence. Without wasting much time, book tickets with Singapore Airlines booking. Singapore is renowned for Duck rice, oyster omelets, bak kut teh (meat bone tea), curry fish heads, and dumplings.

2. The London Region

The London Region

It’s hardly surprising that London’s street food adopts other cuisines and then raises them with severe. Along with loving care using locally grown products, given that chicken tikka masala is the most popular dish the British invented. There are stalls from almost every country under the sun in the several markets (and, more lately, food trucks) serving up mouthwatering brats, spicy tacos, steamy bowls of pho, packed lobster rolls, and more. The crowds of visitors and locals attest to the deliciousness of these dishes.

3. Tokyo


The real treasure is the Tsukiji market, loosely called “seafood heaven.” Tokyo might rank higher if no stigma was associated with eating on the go. Still, even with that stigma, they have two large outdoor eating amenities: next-level vending machines and the market. Samples of sashimi, raw oysters, and enormous nigiri rolls are all amazing. Despite the negative connotation associated with street food, there are always hordes of sellers selling the greatest pancakes in the World during festivals. Known for: Bento boxes, strange vending machines, okonomiyaki pancakes, and anything from the Tsukiji market.

4. Germany’s Berlin

Germany's Berlin

Is it correct that the World owes Berlin enormous gratitude for popularising the doner kebab and maintaining the euro’s relative competitiveness against the dollar? Nothing tastes like traditional Berlin fare like currywurst, and a warm pretzel is necessary to absorb all the beer. However, the city’s current specialty is stretching its boundaries. Known for: Currywurst, kebabs, and other kinds of food trucks.

5. Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong, China

Shanghai food hawkers would still be in this position if they solely offered dumplings for sale. Whether fried, steamed, or filled with soup, meat dumplings are almost ideal for holding scorching hot meat. Together with an equally varied assortment of buns, their close relative, the potsticker is also well-liked. Spicy chili crawfish and skewered octopus are light substitutes for kebabs and crispy fried chicken, and for the most daring among us, the stinky tofu is a must-try. Scallion pancakes are a great option for breakfast at any time of day.

6. Bombay, India

Bombay, India

It’s difficult to say no to a delicious samosa, and that difficulty increases when there are an infinite number of kinds. Fried chaat and samosas with fillings of various kinds abound in Mumbai’s renowned “khau gallis” street-food alleyways. However, kebabs (served with naan) are the most common meat dish; other options exist, such as the renowned chicken tandoori and the unusual grilled cow udders.

Surprisingly, the most popular vegetarian dish, called vada pav, is a potato fritter sandwich topped with red or green chutney. Recognized for: Deep-fried dough balls called pani puri, goat and chicken kebabs marinated in yogurt, vada pav burgers made with fried potato dumplings, and biryani masala rice is the specialty.

7. Morocco


The Jemaa el-Fna square transforms into a massive outdoor cafeteria at night, complete with the absence of the cruel high school students who would never let you eat with them. More adventurous fare like fried sardines and unique pieces of meat are as common as mint tea, and sausages hang like Christmas lights behind earthen pots concealing steaming tagine. Renowned for Sheep’s head, skewers of meat, tagine, hot snail soup, maakouda potato cakes, and orange and grapefruit drinks.

8. Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam

Stateside in Vietnam, Vietnamese food consists only of bรกnh mรฌ and pho, which would be enough to make Ho Chi Minh City a must-visit location, but there’s more to the city than just French bread and beef soup. The cuisine of Ho Chi Minh City is a mosaic of flavorful soups, grilled meats, and fried crustaceans found in both expansive marketplaces and curbside kiosks. Known for: Pho, com suon, banh mรฌ, and banh xรจo pancakes.

9. City of Mexico

City of Mexico

So many vendors sell freshly squeezed juice, cups of mango dusted with spicy pepper, and corn on the cob dipped in mayo that you could go a month without eating a vegetable other than onion and cilantro. Breakfast options include sugary churros, freshly baked pastries, or steaming tamales. While the majority of food trucks here provide traditional Mexican fare, there are also some unusual ethnic food trucks making an impression; nonetheless, it’s still unclear whether or not to trust Mexico City street sushi. Well-known for Fresh juice, gorditas, al pastor tacos, street corn, and churros.

10. Bangkok


Bangkok offers more than just stir-fried noodles; you can discover the best pad Thai of your life here. Everything from roasted chickens and ducks to abundant papaya salads that provide much-needed vegetables and fried, stayed meats in every possible form. Streets are lined with literal curry feasts. There will be an abundance of sticky mango rice to offset the heat from the chiles and heaps of garlic, basil, and chilies on top of everything. Renowned for fried to dancing prawns, noodles, roast duck, and curries.

Food is always a center of attraction for all travelers, especially food bloggers. So, those seeking some amazing content should look at the places mentioned above for amazing street food. Constantly have your eyes on the FaresMatch site for easy deals.

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